How much weight can these wheels take?

Each wheel can take upto 130 pounds. If you use 5 wheels your chair will be able to take weight upto 650 pounds. This would include the weight of the chair and the person sitting on it.

Do these work on carpets as well?

Yes, Lifelong Office Chair Wheels Replacement Rubber Chair Casters glide well on carpets. You will not be disappointed.

The wheels are very smooth. Won’t these keep rolling on hardwood surface?

No, there is necessary traction to check the rolling.

Can you replace chair wheels? Or are the wheels permanently riveted to the hub?

You can easily replace them by pulling out the old ones and pushing in the new ones.

Do these casters work on floating vinyl plank flooring?

Yes!! that’s what we use them for. They’re amazing.

What is the Diameter of the wheels?

The Diameter of wheel is 3 inches

I have a start-up and one of the wheels on my chair recently broke. Cheap material I think. Unfortunately I do not have the resources to call in a repair person. Is it possible to fit these without the help of tools?

Absolutely, these replacement wheels can be fixed without the help of any tools. All you have to do is pull out the old wheel caster and insert the new ones.

Do these make sound on rolling? Do these need oiling?

Because these casters are made of rubber there is no squeaking sound and no need for oiling.

How am I sure they will work on my chair?

They work on 99% percent of chairs, except Ikea chairs, If you want to test it you can measure the stem of your old wheels, 7/16 x 7/8.

Do I still need to use a mat on a vinyl floor with these wheels?

You do not need to use a floor mat. Our chair wheels will keep your vinyl floor (and all others) safe from any scratches or marks without the use of a plastic floor mat.

Do these raise the chair height from stock caster height? If so, about how much?

Yes, our caster wheels will raise the chair height about 1 to 1-1/2 inches depending on the stock caster you have.

Is there any natural rubber latex used in the construction of the wheels?

No, our caster wheel does not use any natural rubber latex. The outer wheel is a soft polyurethane, the inner core is hard polypropylene, and the internal moving parts are made of steel.

Do these wheels make the chair move unintentionally from leaning on desk?

It responds correctly to movements.

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