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For years, we, the Lifelong Brand, have been in business delivering solutions for utility concerns in the office space. Our success can be attributed to our expertise in manufacturing products that are useful in our walking life. We kick started the revolution by manufacturing the first rubber chair casters as replacement for traditional office chair wheels.

Our innovation legacy has always been about looking forward. True, we have made mistakes and yes, we have always learnt from them. Our core values are centered on creating strong, durable and low cost products. We believe in learning from the past, applying it in the present and looking forward to the future for metamorphosis.

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Our design

At Lifelong, we always work in harmony towards new age designs and solutions to present pressing problems. Our commitment to integrity and doing the right thing is what has led to our massive growth.

By offering quality products at a better value targeted at the customer needs, Lifelong entered into the office furniture market and customers entered the entire new genre of Lifelong products. We take pride in our performance and accomplishments. And we are wise enough to understand that it is possible only through our amazing clients and customers.

It has been a brilliantly exciting journey for us and we try to share it with the world. Our mission is not about being the best manufacturer but being the best manufacturer sustainably. We tend to keep the environment before our profits by using materials that are eco-friendly.

Lifelong is the pioneer manufacturer of Rubber Chair Casters and we are passionate about growing, innovating and excelling.

Why choose us

Customer satisfaction is a word loosely used by many manufacturers and service providers. We understand the true meaning and always try in surpassing our customer’s expectations. We believe that the purchase of our product is the start of a glorious relationship with a customer rather than the end. Our efforts are not towards ensuring a customer buys the product, but that he enjoys it for a life time. Hence our brand name – Lifelong.

Firstly, we provide you with a Satisfaction Guarantee and that in itself is a huge commitment from any manufacturer. If you are dissatisfied with the product you receive, just let us know and we will take care of the rest.

We formulated the rubber chair caster and have put in the request for a patent. By using our product you can be sure of receiving original and high quality items. We know that only the best raw material was used in the manufacturing process.

We designed these wheels to suit every surface and even carpet. You can get rid of the tacky office mats and go in for a more luxurious look with carpeted floors. We innovated on the design because of this.

Apart from IKEA furniture, our casters are a one fit for all universal size chairs. We believe in simplicity which is why you wouldn’t even need tools for the exchange.

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William Smith

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